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waxman Wiquid Liquid is releasing quality psy - and this compilation is a great example of the chilled side.
There are many contributions by artists better known for their psytrance in this comp (that's why they were all new to me)
But it works and I highly recommend it. Favorite track: Tuval S - I am.
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"As we drift into the altered states of conciousness of the dream world, our brain wave patterns lengthens and slows down, changing from beta to alpha, and finally theta. During these stages, we can experience what is known as "Hypnogogic" imagery, a series of vivid pictures or surreal imagery that bears little or no relation to waking memories. The imagery doesn't have the narrative quality of most dreams, but consists of a series of shifting and seemingly unconnected pictures that appear as it from nowhere; an animal, a face or a figure, an eye, a swirling rainbow of colours - the variety is infinite. This state, also known as "hypnogogia", occurs in situations where the brain wave pattern slows down such as in daydreams, meditation, and deep concentration. Through training and discipline, some people are able to enter these states at will, and certain plants and herbs have been used to assist the dreamer's entry into a trance-like state. While visions, hallucinations and trance-like states are not the same as a sleep-induced dream, they represent a dream-like experience where the boundaries between normal waking life and another dimension dissolve and merge. In many traditional cultures, the ability to enter a trance conciously and safely is a skill that is cultivated for the good of the wider community. The role of the dreamer is to travel between worlds in search of a vision that can assist himself or advise his ror her people."


released June 15, 2013




Wiquid Liquid Records

Wiquid Liquid Records is a label of friends dedicated to bringing quality sounds to the underground community. @ Wiquid Liquid Records the music is what drives us to bring new and upcoming work from artists all over the world. Expect compilations of music ranging from: psychedelic trance, ambient, chill out, downtempo, lounge, ethno midtempo & minimal. ... more

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