Divine Interventions

by { Various Artist }

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Title: Divine Interventions
Artist: { Various Artist }
Catalog No # { WIQLIQ001 }
Format: Digital { WAV - FLAC - MP3 320 }
Genre: { Sonic Electronic }
Compiled by: Cryptosys ~ { Texas, USA / Mumbai, India }
Album Artwork: Marcio Martins ~ { Portimão, Portugal }
Custom Header Artwork: Allen Holt ~ { Texas, USA }
Audio Mastering: Priapizzm @ Izzm Studios ~ { Vermont, USA }

Wiquid Liquid Records is proud to present its debut VA - Divine Interventions as a New Age tool for those interested in blending Ancient Alien Concepts, Natural/Paranormal Phenomena, Human Spirituality, Sacred locations, Music, and Space Theory. These frequencies explore collections of the mysterious and unknown left by mankind's ancestors in an effort to create a single, unified theory. The sense of contentment is driven into primitive instinct so deeply that we strive to find ways to fulfil this thirst; and that is teaching us the ways of our ancestors and how their tribal rituals were built on the foundations we live upon today.

These verses have now been transposed and re-arranged, with reference to their original order, to suit the rituals in which they were to be used. It consists of 9 portions of sonic hymns, further altered by prolongation, repetition and insertion of syllables, percussion’s, deep atmospheres as well as organic modulations.

Certain feelings in Spiritual Awakening and Alternative Consciousness may arise on an overwhelming feeling to dance too the music that these Virtuoso’s created, but had yet to be discovered or had been locked away from mankind.

May the force be with you.

1. Cryptosys meets Murcielago - Rise of Wiquid Liquid
{ Amit Roy & Said Perivan @ Mumbai, India / Texas, USA }

2. Elis_Dee {aKa Psyonic} – Neurological
{ LiL' Sean~ 666~ *Hell Surfer* @ Tennessee, USA }

3. Herbert Quain - Data Recovery
{ Pete Chansen @ Texas , USA }

4. Sonic Boom – Quazar
{ Walter Ponce @ Melbourne, Australia }

5. Babar Satarva - Novus ordo Seclorum
{ Brook Boiling @ Tennessee, USA }

6. Cryptosys - For the sake of Chaos
{ Amit Roy @ Mumbai, India / Texas, USA }

7. Primordial Ooze - Mubali says this is gayer than Liberace
{ Scott Collins & Igor Vazhenin @ Wisconsin, USA }

8. Viajero - Divine Interventions
{ Walter Ponce & Kieran James Rice @ Melbourne, Australia }

9. Audio Psykosis - Blue Moon Mechanics {Outro}
{ Rishiraj Doss @ Kolkata, India }


released June 1, 2012




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